“(1938) “On boring from within” by Bert Russell”

From a new Blog “Wobbly History”

“An article by Bert Russell looking at ‘boring from within’ strategy by radicals in the AFL and CIO and what he sees as their fruitless nature. Originally appeared in One Big Union Monthly (February 1938)

The advent of the C.I.O. on the American labor scene has been the grounds for the rebirth of scholastic arguments long thought crucified on the cross of experience and fittingly buried with the rest of the superstitions and myths of the primitive strivings of the wage workers. Aside from the possible immaculate conception of the Saviour, John L. Lewis—of his being born again after being bathed in the blood of refractory miners—the ghost which the Faithful are most ardently trying to blow life into, is the historically discredited doctrine of “Boring From Within.” ……


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