Newsletter November 2, 2020

Greetings and Welcome to “On The Line”.  Over the years this host has been involved with several anarcho-syndicalist newsletters by the same name.  I hope to be able to carry on the tradition of publishing timely news from the workplaces, the communities and the struggles against oppression, no matter what form that oppression takes.

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The reader is encouraged to send in news about your struggles, comments and links to articles of interest. We encourade “debate” and “discussion”  submissions as well. All we ask is the submissions and discussions be comradely, yet principled. Civil yet engaging.

Class struggle is the order of the day. The fight is real and the goal is freedom.

Thank you for reading.


Labor News: Jakarta,”Labor unions to stage more nationwide rallies against Job Creation Law” —-  “Thousands of workers grouped under several labor confederations are set to stage another round of nationwide protests against the controversial omnibus law on job creation ….”

Labor News: India, “Pending Salaries: Contractual Workers of Lucknow City Bus Service Threaten ‘Chakka Jam’

Amid the ongoing festival season, the workers are angry that had not been paid for two months.”   —– “About 1000 contractual workers employed with the state-owned Lucknow city bus service have threatened to go on strike. The union has given a notice to the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation stating that if the contractual workers are not paid their pending salaries within two days, they will launch work boycott. Contractual workers have not received salaries for September and October.”

Labor News:  USA,  “National labor board invites public to weigh in on whether to ban Scabby, the giant inflatable protest rat”  —- “Threatened with extermination by the National Labor Relations Board, the fate of Scabby, the Chicago-born giant inflatable protest rat, may be decided in the court of public opinion”

International:  International Workers Association: “International Week Against Unpaid Wages supported by unions in 14 countries —-  “During the third week of October (12th-18th) the first International Week Against Unpaid Wages took place. It was established by the International Workers’ Association (IWA/AIT) to highlight the phenomenon of unpaid wages and how we can fight it in the anarchosyndicalist manner. During the Week the unions of the IWA informed about the topic in countries they are active and reminded their older or actual conflicts related to the issue. Here is the summary of all activities from 14 countries and our evaluation of the Week.”

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