“The Trumpian After life”

Take from veteran libertarian syndicalist Tom Wetzel’s FaceBook page

“DSA was caught ‘back-footed’ by the anti-racist uprising, and was  unable to work with the new layer of leaders that emerged to help  organize an ongoing anti-racist organization independent of the NGOs and  the Democrats. Rather than seeing the need for a radical reorientation  of its activity, DSA’s leadership seems even more committed to  ‘down-ballot’ Democratic Party electoral politics. The ostensible DSA  ‘left’ – the Bread & Roses caucus in particular – have abandoned any talk of an eventual ‘dirty break’  with the Democrats and the need for an independent working people’s  party, in favour of a practice that is indistinguishable from the failed  ‘realignment’ project of the social-democratic left of the 1960s and  1970s, which aimed to transform the Democrats into a party of a  different nature.

What is to be done by radicals and revolutionaries inside and outside DSA? We need to recommit to the centrality of extra-electoral organizing  and struggle in the coming period. In these struggles, we need to be  clear that Biden and the Democrats are as much our enemies as Trump and  his middle class hordes.  We need to help build spontaneous struggles  and on-going independent organizations that will arise against  racist police violence, renewed ‘silent’ deportations, mass  unemployment, evictions and foreclosures; and renewed attacks on living  standards and working conditions.

These struggles will have to go far beyond the ‘campaign’ mode  favored by the NGO/non-profit complex, with their emphasis on lobbying,  stage-managed demonstrations and the like, or trade union mobilizations  that are unwilling to countenance transcending the legal limitations on  their actions. We need to look back to the last living examples of mass  struggles in the US  – the unemployed workers movement of 1929-33; the  mass industrial workers’ strikes of 1934-1937, the early Civil Rights  and Black Power movement and the wave of multi-racial working-class job  actions in the late 1960s and early 1970s – for our inspiration.”

The Trumpian afterlife


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