Some writings on anarcho-syndicalism

Some of Tom Wetzel’s writings on syndicalism which folks will probably find of value.

Tom considers himself a libertarian syndicalist.  Of which we see little to no difference with anarcho-syndicalism.


1.   ”Why revolutionary syndicalism?” 

2.   ”A Reply to Syndicalism: Its Strengths and Weaknesses”

3.   ”Murray Bookchin’s Legacy: A Syndicalist Critique”…/murray-bookchins-legacy…/ 

4.   “The Rank and File Strategy”: A Syndicalist View”…/the-rank-file-strategy…/

5.   ”The Case for Building New Unions” 

The Case for Building New Unions

6.   ”A “Green New Deal”?: The Eco-syndicalist Alternative”…/green-deal-eco…/ 

7.   ”Is Syndicalism Class Reductionist?”…/syndicalism-class…/ 

8.   ”Boring from Within Won’t Work”

9.   ”Why Consensus Decision-making Won’t Work for Grassroots Unionism”…/consensus-decision…/

10.   ”What is Libertarian Socialism?” 

11.   ”Reply to ISO on Syndicalism”

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