Solidarity requested:Spanish CNT-AIT continue struggle with IKEA subcontractor Foldelco

Solidarity requested:

Spanish CNT-AIT continue their long running struggle with Spanish IKEA subcontractor Foldelco.

US Comrades ……

Stand up to workplace bullying at Spanish IKEA contractor, Foldelco.

Our siblings in the Spanish National Confederation of Labor-International Workers Association (CNT-AIT) union have been supporting a member who works at a company called Foldeco Development,Madrid, Spain.The bosses at Foldeco are a nasty bunch, Workers at Foldeco work 12 hour days without overtime pay. They are exposed to toxic substances without proper personal protective equipment (PPE). They are not allowed holidays, they are not allowed to see a doctor, and they work under the constant threat of pay cuts and dismissal. It is a truly dystopian workplace.

The union member stood up for his rights, and was met with threats, harassment and even physical violence. He has been bullied so severely that he has needed medical treatment for his anxiety. He has been off work with stress since November.
How can Foldeco get away with this?

Foldeco aren’t exactly a household name, and companies without much public presence often face less scrutiny than more public corporations.However, it turns out that Foldeco make furniture for a little shop called IKEA. You may have heard of them.As far as we are concerned, until IKEA ensure that their subcontractors treat their workers fairly, they are just as guilty as Foldeco.

We need your help to stand up to Foldeco, and we need your help to make sure IKEA do the right thing. If you are reading this, then we are asking you to contact IKEA, tell them about Foldeco, and tell them you expect better from them.

We need your help to do this. When fighting against our bosses, the only power we have is our solidarity and our strength in numbers.

We* have written a template email. You can copy and paste this and add your name, or you write your own message for IKEA.

“Dear IKEA,

The CNT-AIT union have been supporting a worker at Foldeco Development in Madrid. Workers at Foldeco have told the union that they work for 12 hour days, they handle toxic chemicals without proper Personal protective equipment, they are denied holiday pay and prevented from accessing medical care. When a worker joined the union and tried to stand up for himself, he was threatened, harassed and even physically assaulted by a manager.

I was shocked to learn that Foldeco Development supply products to IKEA. I prefer not to buy from IKEA if the money will go to a subcontractor like Foldelco that mistreats its workers.
Please stop using Foldeco Development until they start treating their workers with respect.

Yours sincerely,

Please send your email to the US CEO / Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA. Javier Quiñones at
Or, you can a message on IKEA’s “Feedback” page – ……. Remember that the person receiving the email is a worker too. So be assertive, but be kind.

Remember to like and share this post too. It takes seconds and it makes a big difference.

* [Adapted from Solidarity Federation – Bristol, UK appeal]


#Madrid || Labor conflict with Foldeco.
For the second time we have shown up at the doors of this racist and exploitative enterprise to make a show of force by our anarcho-syndicalist organization. (Read the full story in Spanish at: ).

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