Chile: Anarcho-syndicalist organization holds first federal conference


Solidaridad Obrera Press release

“Anarcho-syndicalist organization hold first federal conference 

Nuclei of workers and several unions from different locations in the Chilean region met at the first organic national meeting of Workers’ Solidarity (Solidaridad Obrera) in Concepción on March 29 and 30 with the purpose of working on the statute that will govern them during this first federal period.

During the day, members of organizations from the Metropolitan region, Valparaíso, Ñuble and Biobío participated.  The comrades  previously coordinated under general precepts outlined in a declaration of principles, and as friends of the International Workers Association (IWA/AIT), which brings together anarcho-syndicalist federations and confederations worldwide.

This conference continued the process of building and solidifying ties of camaraderie. The comrades discussed and reaffirmed  their commitments for their coordinated actions: the revolutionary purpose, the forms of action, the organizational structure, the affiliation procedures and the strategies for making decisions.

Among the agreements, the reaffirmation of direct action stands out. It is understood as the union exercise without mediators (state, religious or partisan) to face conflicts and the material and cultural well-being of the members; the coexistence of formal and informal strategies (legal or not) that would expand the range of action and dissemination of anti-authoritarian strategies in the world of work; and the intention to address and show solidarity with territorial struggles that exceed Capital/labor disputes with perspectives and actions inserted in labor matters.

The text of the statute will be drafted in committee and settled in plenary by all sections before its entry into force, with which the secretariat will be elected that must assume the determinations issued by it. 

Then this will be circulated by the common means of Solidaridad Obrera so that new nuclei or unions can join this federation.”


Largely transcribed/direct translation from the Solidaridad Obrera Press Release.  All translation errors are my own and were not meant to alter the meaning of the original text.

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Solidaridad Obrera: Organización Anarco-Sindicalista inicia su acuerdo federal

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